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hi, I read many topics here about how to translate dms2, I download skeleton theme, the .po & .mo files for Spanish, I change the wp-config.php file but the site isen't translated. Please help.



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Where did you get the .po and .mo files from and can you provide a screenshot of what your site actually looks like so we can see if anything has been translated.

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Danny, now the dms is translated, the front and the back, but  the ibox is still in english. I think the ibox is not prepared to be translated so have to change the php on my own. This is right? 

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      So I've tried your translation tutorial, I've used the Pagelines customizer plugin and typed in stuff manually and added via ftp. But first of all, not everything is included in these language files, and second it's not translated a thing.
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      or may i help with this work?
      How often are updates? (every 1 month, 3 monthes, every week?)
      and i may help with russian translate.