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Just switched Framework to DMS 2 -- example websites?

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Hi All.... I just switched from Framework to DMS 2 (free version) and have to start from scratch to figure out how DMS 2 works, lol....  Can I please see people's sample websites so I can get an idea of what can be created, how different and professional the fonts can look, what sections can go where, etc???? I appreciate it.... thank u!

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We have a topic in the DMS pro forums which acts like a showcase. However, you won't be able to view that topic unless you have purchased DMS. Therefore, I have provided a few links from users who have posted their creations (if anyone wants there sites URL removed, please reply to this topic).










There are literally tons more, I just don't have the time to add them all.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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What's the name of the topic in the DMS pro forums?



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    • gregfischer
      By gregfischer+
      I followed the directions for importing the DMS content and the Wordpress portion failed to upload ALL of the xml (some parts failed). So I never got a site that looked like the demo site. How can I completely start over, and try to get it right? And what might have happened that didn't allow for all of the xml/WP to be imported?
    • g4br
      By g4br
      In the sample page has two links:
      and other members. I am unable to do this step by step with the flipper plugin.
      It has a help?
    • jamesbliss
      By jamesbliss
      Hi, quick question about the Pagelines demo site. 
      Page > http://demo.pagelines.me/ uses boxes to display the following topics; SEO Tuned & Social, Tons of Addons, Responsive Design, etc., under the "Professional websites for the rest of us" section. 
      These boxes each use an image. I see that the image is set in the Box Setup Options (using upload image, etc.).
      My questions is; can I use Font Awesome icons (using a shortcode) instead of a regular image in this place?
      Screenshot attached. 

    • thomasr
      By thomasr
      On the sections demo page found here (http://demo.pagelines.me/sections/) there is scroll spy enabled that moves down each section. 
      When I downloaded and installed the demo content the sections were all setup (masthead, banners, boxes, etc) but scroll spy doesn't move between those sections. 
      The issue scroll spy needs both a class and title attribute. However I don't think I can add that to sections. 
      I can add some HTML to the content, but that is one block only, not interspersed throughout the page. 
      The demo page seems to be setup like this 
      [sroll Spy]
      [html with scroll spy classes and title for boxes]
      [html with scroll spy classes and title for banners]
      [html with scroll spy classes and title for masthead]
      I can only figure out how to do the following:
      [sroll Spy]
      [html with scroll spy classes and title for boxes]
      How do I get the ability to inject raw html between the sections in a template? Attached is a screenshot on how it looks on my development site. 

    • jaggermeister
      By jaggermeister
      Ok, so I've been jacking with this scrollspy for a while now... first adding content to the "appropriate" area... the content section. Works great, looks like shit.

      I'd like my own services page to replicate the look of the PageLines "sections" demo page, with the scrollspy scrolling to the different sections being shown.

      I've added my own box sets, and messed around with the html side of the content box in each individual box to try and get results with no dice. I've read twice now that the scrollspy was not designed to do what I'm asking for, however, the PageLines demo page clearly uses this functionality... something i'm sure many users were expecting to be able to replicate because it was demonstrated on the demo.

      If I could get some personal help getting this set up I'd spend the time to get a proper walkthrough up outlining how to get this functionality working on customers' sites.

      *Even downloading the dat file and sample content on a separate installation of WordPress did not yield the same results as the "official" demo page. The scrollspy on the separate installation was not "active" - meaning the default "how-to enable" instructions were being shown, and not the nav links to sections as they shouldve been.