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Creating a po/mo files from stratch

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So after many conversations it looks like for people who want to have a translated site, they have to create their own po/mo files.


I've done a lot of searches and have a lot of questions about this. I took a look at the latest .pot file and a lot of the terms that I need translated are not there (eg. read more, add comment, search, the 404 message, etc.) It looks like it's just strings/terms that will translate the DMS editor and not the actual strings that matter.


  1. Is it possible to add my own source text to a .pot file or do I just work with what's there? If it is possible to add my own source text, how do I do that?
  2. It used to be that po/mo files existed in many languages - why is this no longer the case? I tried using an old fr_FR.mo file but it didn't work.
  3. Why is the .pot file incomplete?
  4. When I have a fr_FR.mo file completed and I want to add it to my child theme, does it go in a folder called "language" or "languages"?


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I'd like some feedback on this as well!!!


My site needs to be in swedish. I've installed the Swedish version of Wordpress but still found some basic stuff to be in English like "search" and all the blog wordings like "popular" "posted" "tag" and so on.


First of all, why are some words still in English inspite of using the swedish wordpress version?


I've manually translated some words via Poedit but the only ones I found that were relevant are: Popular, Recent, Comments, Tags. But they remain unchanged in English though I uploaded the new po mo files


Other words such as "search" "posted" and the text in the 404 template aren't even present, where are they?


I assume you can tell that I'm slightly frustrated over the translation ready promise since I've spent hours on this with no solution in sight!

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