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PHP Memory, DMS tools do not work

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delionagency    0

[attachment=2251:Снимок экрана 2014-06-16 в 12.39.53.png]


DMS interface does not work, php memory limit. According to it i cannot use DMS tools and interface, how can i increase memory limits without using dms tools which are out of service?








thank you 


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Danny    1,327



Are you referring to the site URL you linked above ?


If so, you shouldn't be running out of memory on the demo site or are you referring to another site ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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delionagency    0

I am referring  to the site http://delionagency.pagelines,net 


Now it works, but 2 days ago it was out of service, there was error of php memory limits.  And i think that will be the same error in the near future. ITHi


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Simon    247

It wasn't a memory error, it was diskspace, and it is now fixed.

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delionagency    0

Now, i do not have access to delionagency.pagelines.com (it seems to me that web site does not exist). Can you help me with it?

Why i do not have access to the web site (demo version)?

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