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Scroll Nav and Scroll Header Pro

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Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
Website URL: urworkshop.com
Framework Version: DMS2 / pagelines .1.1
WordPress Version: 3.9.1
Plugins in Use:

hi support, 

I have a problem with 'scroll-nav' (I bought 'scroll-nav'), I'm trying to understand the instructions that are there, but to no avail. 
through manual 'scroll-nav' is should I buy 'headers scroll pro' for making easy site that I want to make, sample pages that I want to develop 'www.drinkkoa.com. hopefully you can help me. for you info i'm not webmaster. thanks

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I've answered through private massage.





professional dms plugins 


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How can I get a fixed navbar working with Scroll Header Pro. The same as on this website www.drinkkoa.com! I have bought Scroll Header Pro and I have bought Scroll Nav but can' t get it to work.

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    • quintinm
      By quintinm
      I have recently put together my first single page site and have used the fixed menu area at the top in conjunction with Ubermenu using the ID's to scroll down to the specific areas on the page (#pl_areaucbem0y, etc)
      The navigation works as i want it to except when i link out to read blog posts.
      The problem is that in order to get back to the single page site, i need to reference the page url AND the # (http://www.confettis...#pl_areaujnmv41)
      What this does is highlight that particular navigation item right from the start on the single page.
      And without that full URL, i cannot get back to the single page.
      Does scroll header pro have a solution for this?
      Thanks in advance, hope you have an amazing day!
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      Can you please tell me if Scroll Header Pro is currently available, or if you've discontinued it.
      I can't find a live site to demo/buy.
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      Hi, I'm using SHP with DMS2. It works fine until I inserted some stuff with "" in the title (header?) field (the one that will be displayed in ScrollSpy) Can you tell me where the data of the title field is stored in the database so I can delete it? Thanks.
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      Dear Bestrag,
      I like the Scroll Nav product. However im in the situation that I only want an anchor point to a section and once there I dont want the menu on top of the screen would that be possible?
      Thank you.
      Kind regards,
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      I am working on what I had hoped would be my first good DMS experience but I'm running into the same problems as always.
      the editor is locked up on me.
      I wasn't doing anything major. Just testing some sections. I put the Scroll Nav DMS thing on there and now my sites locked up.
      what do I need to do?
      what can I do to avoid it locking up on me so much? I've had no luck with DMS as the editor has nothing but headaches in store for users.
      I believe I'm on the DMS 2, I updated from my account fresh tonight, but it looks about the same as DS1 and locks up the same.