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All of my Designs continually get DELETED

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My name is Matthew Miller. I purchased PageLines to have freedom in designing my site daiyfashionproject.com.


I absolutely loved it. The design was great and simple and I felt in control.


Then everything was deleted. Everything I had designed went away and the DMS default was the only thing that was saved.


So I built it again. Luckily it was a simple design and it wasn't too much work to put back together, at least to this point. I figured that I did something wrong and that I had to just push through.


Then everything was deleted. Everything I had designed went away and the DMS default was the only thing that was saved.


So I built it again. This time I was frustrated and thought maybe I needed to save the templates. Maybe that was my issue. I continued to save my sections and my page templates. For several days it was fine. I checked back in, made more tweaks, got it the way I wanted.


Then everything was deleted. Everything I had designed went away and the DMS default was the only thing that was saved.


So I switched my site to a free Wordpress template so that when people visited they would actually see my site and not the DMS site.

By now I was a bit angry. Somehow I was kicked out of the DMS page and had to sign back in to post a question on the forum.


In my rage I forgot my password/account username and was locked out of signing in. This admittedly was due to my own problem of not remembering my account information but it wasn't making me feel any better. The only thing I could do was to send a message through the contact form on the PageLines sight to get help.


The response told me that all I could do was go to the forum, even though I mentioned that I was locked out of the forum. So when I needed help all I got was that I needed to talk to someone else who I didn't have permission to talk to.


Now to my point.


You won't find PageLines at dailyfashionproject.com right now because it is going to delete my design again. I really don't want to have to deal with redesigning my site every 1-3 days.


This is an awkward request to put on a forum but no one else seems to be able to help. I would appreciate a refund on the purchase of the PageLines template. It was never used anywhere else and is not active on my Wordpress site now.



This is the non-aggressive non-agry me posting this to the forum because I spent more than a week to calm down before I said anything stupid. It's easy to be angry at people I can't see and I don't want that showing up here.



Can someone help this time?


Matthew Miller

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Were you clicking the 'customize' link in wordpress?

For refund info you need to talk to the billing desk. We never discuss any billing issues on a public forum.

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I can't say for sure if I did but it is definitely likely.


Hitting the customize button resets DMS to default?

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DMS does not use the wordpress customizer, all that does is lit you edit the site title etc for basic themes, all the DMS controls are on the front end of your site using the DMS editor.

We are releasing a patch to stop people clicking that button.

It doesnt reset anything, it fools DMS into thinking its just been installed because the page that the customizer redirects to does not exist.

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