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    • mnagillum
      By mnagillum+
      As noted elsewhere on the Forum, the Media Box section doesn't have an option to enter a hyperlink to link to another page on my site, ndtest.mamulligan.com. Can someone please advise me on the exact code to use in my child theme (or Jetpack Appearance file) to make the five media boxes (Program Design, etc.) clickable links to the five corresponding areas shown in the menubar? Thanks in advance for any/all help.
    • pixallus
      By pixallus
      Hi, How can i link to custom class on same page? 
      I have a button at top of page that i want to link to a section, with custom class "sec-vid5", near the bottom of page. 
      I've tried using these for link in button settings:
      But it's either loading a 404 or doing nothing at all. 
      any help is greatly appreciated!
    • moschu
      By moschu+
      What is the easiest way associate a hyperlink to a word using "textbox" section?
    • twm246810
    • kdvorak