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Hi Pagelines Support,


I have a problem, that makes me really nervous. 
I tried to format the search results page and DMS has changed parts of the page layouts - without that I have updated or saved.

See index-page before and after (attached file)

Please give me a tip on how the layout of the search results page can be adjusted. The way I have intuitively chosen does not work (was in the editing mode in DMS, started a search and edited the search result page).


Thank you in advance 

WP-Version: 3.9.1
DMS-Version: 2.1

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If you want to edit the search results page, then you simply do a search and then configure that template and click publish. I have just this moment added a Masthead section to a search results page configured it so that it says Search Results and added some inline styling for testing purposes.


The only difference I can see from your attached pdf is that your navigation has changed. This didn't happen for me, although I only changed sections in the Template area. You can not have different sections on a page by page basis in the Header or Footer Template Areas, as these are global areas. This means that if you make a change to the Header or Footer on one page, it will take effect on all pages, as they're global areas.

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Thank you Danny, for your feedback.

We closed our project without customizing the Search Result Page because DMS crashed round about every 15 minutes.

I thought, it is a problem with the WP Installation or the Provider but it wasn't.

Now we startet a new project based on DMS and we have the same problems, that DMS crashes and all settings and designs are away.


I loved the Pagelines Framework but DMS is like a horror trip.


Please give me a hint, what we can do to get DMS running stable and reliable.


By the way – the new project is


Thank you in advance 


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If you can create a new topic with the required information presented when you create the post we can look at your setup and help. 

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