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WooCommerce cart doesn’t load or display products added to cart

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DMS PL DMS 1.1.4 WooCommerce 2.0.20

woocommerce cart page doesn't load or show items added to cart ...even though the checkout page does show the items when I go directly.



Click on Valuable Resources

Add one of guidebooks to cart

Click on View Cart


instead of viewing the items added in the cart (woocart page with shortcode for cart) doesn't load


but when I go to checkout directly at RedStringConnection/checkout all the items that were added are there


I am not able to upgrade DMS or WooCommerce now because I am using a Chinese Payment gateway that doesn't work with the latest versions.


Contacted Flywheel support and they said "it is probably a DMS issue" and I should contact PL for support.



Michelle Rutman




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Hi Michelle,


First you're going to need to update to the latest version of DMS, we do not provide support to users running out of date versions.


Also when I click on view cart, I see the following - https://cloudup.com/c6jk0BSMw95


If your information isn't displaying correctly, then it is likely you haven't configured your products correctly or the issue is related to WooCommerce. So first update to the latest version, then disable all active plugins except for WooCommerce and see if your cart issue is resolved. If it isn't then you will need to contact WooCommerce support, as it is likely an issue with your configuration of the plugin, which is something we can not provide support for as it is not our product.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Seems like you should still support DMS1 as it was so short lived and your customers built sites using it...especially since upgrading to DMS2 (although I had a smooth transition)...it seems like others didn't have the smoothest transition.  Not supporting DMS1 just a couple months after the release of DMS2 seems a bit unrealistic. Not supporting it a year later, maybe okay.


Just my thought.

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The latest v1 branch is 1.1.8

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