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Looking To Hire Somebody....

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Hi, I am about to start a large project and I am using Pagelines DMS to build the site.


I am looking to hire somebody to work alongside me in building the site.


If anybody is interested please send me some examples of your work and your daily rate.


If there is a more appropriate place to post this or search for Pagelines designers, I would be grateful to know.





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    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      Hi to all,
      I am am just wondering if anyone would be interested in a paid job for converting a DMS2 website into Platform 5? If so please reply or email me at [email protected]
      The requirements are:
      1) Change site from DMS2 to Platform5
      2) Site will be hosted on Flywheel
      3) Use minimal CSS and keep things simple
      The website is: www.jawphotography.co.uk
      if interested please do email me with cost for the job.
    • zeinab
      By zeinab
      I am looking to hire a pro to help make some finishing touches to my website. I am using the free PageLine Lite version and the website is www.thescentco.com
      If you are interested please let me know.
    • gcmprior
      By gcmprior
      Hi - is this the right part of the forum to ask if there are any freelance Framework experts out there that I can hire by the job? Thanks, and sorry in advance if this is the wrong place, but I didn't get any search results for the subject.
    • bodiempowerment
      By bodiempowerment
      Hope someone can help.
      I would like to hire someone to finish what I can't finish.  As a health professional this is not my field.  
      If anybody is interested I will give them the details.

      Pagelines Framework 2.4.1

      Word Press 3.5.1
      Plugins include  Poppy (uninstalled), Collapser, Always Menu on Top(uninstalled), Anything Boxes, Social Exerpt, Foot extra
      Child Theme- Simplicate - uninstalled
      You can read about me on the web site in the "about" section.
      [email protected]