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Hero formatting text on top on image

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andylemay    0



After upgrading from DMS1.  My hero's worked initially and then some funny things happened


1. The image started appearing below the text and title.

2. The hero appeared within a "Full tabs" box (plug in from Sue ellen moore" and was not editable.


I tried to attach an image file but was told is was too big.  It is a 340 k jpg.



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andylemay    0


1. If I reverse the hero unit with the image on the left it works.  Reverse again and then the same problem

2. Removing all custom CSS made no difference

3. Putting the hero and other sections "full tabs" in separate columns helps

4. Just had one hero behaving the other way left to right.

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andylemay    0

This is reproducible on my system


1. add a full width columm

2. drag a hero into it

3 add another full width column underneath

4. drag "full tabs" section into it


1st columns and hero disappear!

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Danny    1,327



Are you referring to TabTastic ?


What version are you using ?


Also I do not have access to this product so I have ellenmva mentioend the developer for assistance.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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andylemay    0

Hi Danny,


Yes "tabtastic" and I am using the latest version.  But I'm not convinced this is a tabtastic problem.  I'll try some more testing without this plugin component on the page.



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