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Featured image duplicating (almost) full size image

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Hey team, my noob mode is currently set to stun...


So with DMS 2 and the latest WP install I'm finding that when I post an image and set the featured image to the same it ends up almost duplicating the full size image when you view the post...




Appreciate this is a WordPress issue but is it just me or does it seem a little stoopid? In the olden days the featured image would be ikkle so no big deal, but now it's hoooge and kinda makes the post look a bit lame. I coild of course not use a featured image but then the post preview doesn't really have much of an attraction to it...


Any ideas how I might rework this?





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Hi Barney

I´m a newbie too, specially in my English, sorry for this, If I understand you...


Please, you can go to the WP Content/Loop on Single Post and select the option "Hide Media"



The other way is use a CSS rules like 

.pl-new-loop .hentry.single-post .metamedia {
    display: none;}
But I believe that the first option is better

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Ah man that's great stuff, can't believe I missed that option for so long lol!! Went for option one :)


Thanks Batman :)

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I am not sure I understand the issue ? Are you saying that when you add a Featured Image to a post it is displayed twice ?

Or are you saying that you want to add a Featured image but also include the image manually as well ? If that is the case, why add it manually ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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