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Missing translation for "Most Popular" in brazilian portuguese

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The string "Most Popular" is not translated in brazilian portuguese.


Can you add this translation?

The translate string must be "Mais Popular".





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Hi Alexandre

Are you referring to Rapid Tabs? The string is "Popular"

If this is, you can copy the section (RapidTabs) to your child theme and then modify the "section.php"

You can change the "Popular" from "Mais Popular".


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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batman it's not only "Popular", but "Most Popular" that you can find in the Pro Pricing module.

I have already translated it in the PHP file, but I have to repeat this at every DMS' update.

It would be nice to have this string also translate in pt_BR, so far it's the only one I'm missing.

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Danny thanks, I've made 5 translations today.


But I couldn't find the string "Most Popular" for translation, I can find "Popular" and "Popular Posts".

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