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Folio unexpected display with folio

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i need help about bugs i have with folio. I have several bugs :

- icon in WP backend is a broken picture

- on frontend, buttons that are supposed to be on the featured images are below

- categories created in "folio" doesn't appear in DMS frontend, menu shows me normal articles categories.


i deactivated all extensions, without effect on this problem


i need you help, please,




[attachment=2228:Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 15.46.02.png]


[attachment=2229:Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 15.44.37.png]




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Please write and ask for a refund. I am discountinuing the product.

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really nothing you can not do with it? Folio it was brilliant plug!


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I know it is. But I got tired of making updates every time PageLines updated their core. Things should not break all the time, so I moved on to WP only.

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I know, for many people, including for us, the developers, it was not easy ..
but from what I know, I asked about it, this version of the DMS is to be final today. So it may be worth ..
I waited a long time for such a product ...

Nick has resigned, the bad, if you too .. will get worse ..;/

I hope there will be more significant changes to the PageLines .. learn it over and over again .. so hard .. I hope it is so stable and polished it will be for a long time ...

Yours sincerely hope to have a silent update folio ...


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