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Hey team, I've been chasing a conflict this morning and have found that DMS 2 is altering the layout of my Calendar plugin. If you check the link you can see the calendar with a blue band running across the month displaying the date for each day. Notice how it's not properly aligned? I changed the theme to twentyfourteen and it looks fine. Any idea how I might fix this? Cheers Barney

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This is because our table CSS is conflicting with theirs. If you add the following it should resolve your issue:


.timely tr,
.timely th,
.timely td,
#ai1ec-container tr,
#ai1ec-container th,
#ai1ec-container td {
vertical-align: top;

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Seriously man, it's like having a personal phone line to the 'center for fixing anything' :) Perfect :) Many many thanks!!!!!
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HAHA! No problem.

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I found this thread as I'm also having a theme conflict with Timely. I had hoped this fix would also fix mine but it doesn't. I've already tried it in 2012 and the problem goes away and I have the issue on all 4 DMS sites using Timely so it's not specific to one of them. I posted at Timely and they said it's a CSS conflict. Here's my post to them and their response. I'm hopeful that Danny will work his magic for me as well! Thanks.



I’ve recently noticed that this is a problem on all my sites with Ai1EC installed. The add to calendar works fine on the single event pages but not in the sidebars. When you rollover the RSS bug where it says Add the flyout says Subscribe in your Personal Calendar.

You can see this on all my sites in the sidebars:



Something is blocking it in the sidebar CSS.

I had the same issue with Atahualpa and had to put in a CSS workaround to get it going on my sites using that theme.

The usual cause is that the sidebar is setting specific CSS for list elements that causes them not to be picked up by the button.

Notes: On the first site (Solsara), the CSS of the theme pagelines is definitely the one causing the conflict. I’d dig deeper but the CSS is somewhat compressed, which makes cutting it apart to find the issue hard.




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Hi Sheila,


As far as I can tell this isn't an issue with DMS CSS, as one of the themes you're using isn't DMS, it is Headway and that site also has the same issue. You can likely try adding the following and see if this resolves the issue.


.widget_ai1ec_agenda_widget {
  overflow: visible;
Also, when a topic is marked as resolved Sheila, in future please create your own. As it no longer joins the moderator que, I only got a notification due to you mentioning me.
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Brilliant...that did the trick on the dev site Thanks so much Danny! She's the one who was complaining about it. The others never noticed.


But here's what I found on the others.... the other 2 that are also DMS this didn't help at all. And the one that is HT I can see that it's now trying to display but it isn't having enough room for the drop down. I can post to them for CSS help. But I can't understand why the CSS you provided worked a treat on the first DMS site and didn't help the other 2 at all! Very odd. Is there more CSS needed on these two sites?

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The code isn't specific to one site, it is universal, there is no unique class or ID. The class I used is related to that plugins widget. So it will work on all DMS sites and even the Headway one, if they have a widget class using overflow: hidden;


I have viewed those two sites and I can not see the CSS being loaded, which means you have either removed it or you have errors in your custom CSS which is preventing it from working.

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