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John Olsson

Expand the height of MAP-section (full)

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John Olsson

Hi, i'm looking for a way/fix to expand the height of MAP-section (full), the options you have now is max 400 px, but i'll want it to be 500 px height, possible?


Tried to override with css but nothing take affect!

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    • lionel1
      By lionel1
      i  have installed the map module in my website ,but the pointer image and zone do not appear, as well as the correct location though i put the coordinate values from google map
      thanks for ur help
      ps / i put the google API key as well 
    • Jason
      By Jason+
      Any solution to map section not rendering inside tab shortcode.
      (Map sits inside 3rd tab so map not visible on page load)
      Also this just seems to effect the map section. Map shortcode renders fine.
      I want to use the map section for finer control over markers and locations
      Renders fine if in first page.
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      I have a map here http://www.iloveoffset.com/maps/
      I want to add several pointer locations to the map, but when I do they do not appear.
      On this map there are 2 pointer locations and as you can there is only one visible.
      Earlier today I added 7 and could only see 4 so there is something odd going on.
      My theme is up to date
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      I've been having trouble unlocking the template section for past couple of weeks. When I try clicking nothing happens. 
      I've deleted my custom css and removed plugins. Im down to having only the following plugins:
      Contact Form 7
      DMS Professional Tools
      Pagelines Updater
      It was working fine before i have no idea what's going on with it.