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A few questions regarding spacing and centering sections.

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I am just finishing up the website for my new company and I have a few issues I would like to get sorted.




My website is set up like this - universal sidebar, features, call out, boxes, content, boxes, full width sidebar.


Here is what I would like help on if at all possible:


(1)  move the feature up so it sits directly below the universal sidebar 'heading'. there is currently quite a large space.


(2) center the call out section - currently aligned left.


(3) move up the content text closer to the first set of boxes slightly.


(4) the gap between the end of the content text and the second set of boxes is huge. Again, I would like this moved up so all gaps are the same - the difference in the gaps makes the website seem unprofessional.


I would be extremely greatful if I can get these issues sorted.


Many thanks!

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All of your issues will require custom CSS, I recommend you load up Google Chromes dev tools and start inspecting all the elements you wish to reduce the gap on. This gap is caused by either padding or margins, below I have provided a snippet for the Universal Sidebar section, which will remove all padding and thus reduce the space between sections.


.section-sb_universal .content-pad,
.section-sb_universal .widget-pad {
    padding: 0;
You can use this as a base for all your other CSS, although the other sections will likely not have widget-pad as they're not a widgetized area.
As for the Callout being centered, I am sure there was an option to do this in PageLines Framework, unless I am mistaken. If there is no such option use the following:
#site .section-callout .callout-area {
    width: 720px;
    margin: 0 auto;

Please search our forums, before posting!

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