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A Fallback for Browsers not Running Javascript

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thebastion    20

Hi there,


Quick question.  I had a customer call me saying my site was 'broken' and they couldn't place an order.  After much trouble shooting it turned out they had JavaScript disabled.  Out of curiosity I turned off JS in my browser to see what happened to the site, in essence nothing loads.


I was surprised that there was no fallback image for the slider and that it leaves a big white space where the images would be.  Is there a way to stop this happening and create a fallback for those with browsers whose JS is switched off?





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Danny    1,327

HI Stuart,


There really isn't any fallback we can provide JavaScript is a client side scripting language and therefore if any user has JS disabled (not sure why they would do that), then the DMS editor will not function, as the DMS editor is powered by JavaScript.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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