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Box link is stored double

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Hi all,


I am not even sure this has to be sent here. In case it should not, please let me know or move it wherever it should go. I googled a solutions to this problem, but I didn't find anything.


The theme version is 1.4.5.


I am facing a problem with the "box link" field in my PageLines "box setup options". 


I fill in the address "www.educatcastellbisbal.com/estiu/casals-destiu/" in the field "Box Link (Optional)" and then I click on "Save Meta Settings" to store it. However, the address is doubled wherever it gets stored and is shown this way: "http://www.educatcastellbisbal.com/estiu/www.educatcastellbisbal.com/estiu/casals-destiu/". The underlined part shouldn't be there.


This is happening in any "Box setup" I am updating.


Does anybody know why is this happening? And how should I solve it? It was working fine some time ago, when I built up my website for the first time, but I don't understand what's happening now.


Please take into account that I am not an advaced user in programing, so I will need a very "step by step" instructions if I have to modify any code.


Thanks a lot in advance for your help.



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No problem.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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