How to organize event area on site?

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Hi, collegues!


I installed "Events Manager" (5.5.3) by Marcus Sykes, but it destroys my site (JavaScript?)


Would you say possible best ways to organize events area (business events, trainings, networking) on site?


May be you know some examples, some good WP (compatible with DMS2) or DMS2 plugins that can help me, may be you know some issures that i should to overcome or to avoid?


Thanks and good day!




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Hi Alex,


I am sure we have had users who have used Events Manager with DMS without any problems. Can you disable all other plugins and see if this resolves your issue.

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in other other way i would prefer event is page type 


to edit it from front-end as i want

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I am having the same problem... i tried a couple of event manger plugins, but none seem to work.
The site loads fine, but the events page just doesn't load...

Please help!!??

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If you're having issues with the Events Manager plugin, you will need to contact their support first.

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