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Can't assign 5 column boxes in Pageline settings

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torweb    0

In page line settings page I click on Box Settings and select 5 for default number of boxes per column and 5 for max number of boxes to show, however it only shows four boxes.


The dynamic css generated looks like this


<div id="boxes" class="container fix">
	<div class="texture">
		<div class="content">
			<div class="content-pad">
		<div class="dcol_container_4 default-boxes fboxes fix">
			<div id="fbox_2479" class="dcol_4 dcol fbox">
				<div class="dcol-pad inline_thumbs">

I tried another theme and deactivate all plugins as well...

Thanks in advance of any thoughts.

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greenfly    230

Could we have a link to your site please? 

The answer to many issues can be found by searching in the forum before posting as someone else  may very well have had the same problem before you have.  Also, reading the documentation can help you gain a good understanding of how everything works. 


Please do not send me private messages. Occam's razor - The principle states "Keep things simple!"

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Danny    1,327

Unfortunately, it's not possible to display five boxes in one row in Platform Pro, you can easily do this in DMS. I would highly recommend upgrading, as Platform Pro has been considered a legacy theme for over 2 years.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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