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WP-Super-Cache or not to WP-Super-Cache?

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quintinm    6



I did a quick search on WP-Super-Cache as i am considering using it and some posts seemed to say gor for it, others said dont use it.

What is the official word on DMS2 and WP-Super-Cache?


It is a good combination or is there something better?


Thank you.

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Simon    247

The answer is complicated.


Sure super cache works fine with DMS, so does any cache plugin but you need to ask yourself why you need it 1st.


Is it because your site is getting huge traffic like 100,000 unique hits a day? If so then sure go for it, as the static pages will always load faster than PHP can render them.


If its because you are on cheap hosting and your site is really slow and you are afraid it wont work at all if you get more than 100 hits a day, then a cache plugin wont really help.


A $10/m VPS if setup correctly will easily out perform almost any shared hosting with no cache installed at all.

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