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Hello all,


I have added the Sharebar DMS section to a client website and it has been working fine. However, I added the "WP-Tiles" plugin to add a blog link that exists within the context of the homepage. Here is the issue; when on the homepage and selecting the Facebook "share" icon at top of the page, the content being shared is the blog post and not the basic homepage information. When on the homepage I would people to be able to share the general site information and not specifically the blog. If someone wants to share the blog post information the same Sharebar can be used on the actual blog post. Make sense? To clarify, I want the Sharebar to ONLY share the main content on the page.








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Hi AG,


So the issue only occurred when you started using that plugin?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


Correct, the issue began occurring when I began using the "WP-Tiles" plugin on the homepage. The Sharebar DMS Section is in the header and I want it to only share the main page content not content from a specific area of the page. Any help is appreciated.



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