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Deactivate template on blog posts

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I was playing around with the themes on my blog post page. Under page setup -> Templates, I clicked the Load button on the Impressive Home template. Now the button turned to "Active"


Now I want to de-activate it, and get my regular blog post page back! How do I do that?  


Also - I want to change the sidebars on all blog post pages. Where can I change that?





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James Giroux

Hey There,


Thanks for the message.  To be honest, I don't believe there's a reversion process built into DMS.  Your best bet is to try and rebuild your blog page using the templates at your disposal.  I believe there's a template called 'Default' in DMS.  When you activate that it should revert back to a post loop section in one column and a primary sidebar in the other column or something close to that.



James Giroux, CEO

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