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Chrome POP-UPs killing my workflow

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Ahoy Humans


I can't properly convey how much i hate google chrome. unfortunately all of us DMS users have to utilize GC as a browser to edit our pages. I have enabled "pop-up blocker" and in doing so i had to sign away my web privacy (proper google style). but now when i have my pop up blocker enabled i cannot see my site (backend, font end etc) so i am forced to pause my pop up blocker to edit my site which, in turn, makes me close adds and spam-page-redirects EVERY SINGLE TIME i click on ANYTHING. I was under the impression that DMS 2 was a "revolutionary" new way to edit and change your website on the fly...unfortunately being cornered into using Google Chrome turns 'Revolutionary" into "Annoying and time consuming." I should be spending my day off editing my site but instead i am composing this forum article to articulate my frustrations. Square Space is looking better and better every day. 


Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. 


FYI- all of my files/plugins/ themes etc are up to date. 


Thank you. 


- HT 

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DMS does not use popups of any kind. What popups are you referring to? And what 3rd party service? Chrome has a built in blocker that is always on by default.

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