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Modal popup showing

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The modal popup plugin's hidden bar appears in on my website but should be hidden.




I would assume there is something conflicting with it but how do I figure it out?  I had this happen before and ended up just rolling back my site to the night before but didn't know what changed then either.

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This isn't something our staff can assist you with, I have moved your topic to the correct forum and MrFent mentioned the developer, which should notify him.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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PageLines changed something in the latest version of DMS causing the following hidden message to appear on a live site to visitors:


Admin Notice:
This is the placeholder for your Modal PopUp section. Visitors will not see this.


I talked to PageLines and the issue will be fixed in the next DMS update, but for now please add the following CSS to your site:


.pl-editor-only {display:none;}

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      I've used the Modal Popup for an optin form on http://thecommonthreadgroup.com for both an automatic popup on the home page and a manual popup on every page of the site by using a different Custom Modal ID - no problem - they both work.
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      Obviously there is a conflict here and I don't understand enough about this sort of thing to do anything about it. I really need to use both plugins.
      I'm more of a web designer with some pretty decent knowledge of html and css, and not a php guy. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
      WP and DMS2 versions are totally update, as are all plugins.
      Additional data is that there is a place in the ESSL plugin for "Exclude Anchors Beginning With ( default is #tab #quicktab #pane )" and "Exclude Anchors Exactly Match". I've put #ModalPopUp, #Modal, and Modal in the provided fields, but still no go.
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      press push me button to activate popup
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      Hi, the Modal Popup is working fine. But whenever I look on the DMS Editor, that section is gone. It was placed at the bottom of the Footer. The first time it happened, I thought maybe I had inadvertently deleted it, or not saved properly. So I re-created another one. And so on. Then I finally realized it was working after all. But now I'm wondering if there are several of my popups in place, all of them the same, yet none of them visible, but yet all of them working. I've tried adjusting/saving into a new page template. I've tried turning on/off the DMS Editor. Still can't find a trace of the Modal Popup section, yet I know it works because I used Safari and Firefox to confirm, even on a different computer. Thanks for any help/insight you might provide.
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