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    • FionaFell
      By FionaFell
      Hi Pagelines Team, 
      I'm adding blog posts to www.leadstoclients.com.au
      But would love to place the image between the 'title' and the 'content'. 
      I'm seeing these options: http://screencast.com/t/c1GggUigw
      But none of them seem to place the image where I hope it can be displayed. 
      Any tips on how I can get the image to appear here: http://screencast.com/t/F39iUNuq8Nd5 would be awesome. 
      Thanks for your help,
    • hansonexperience
      By hansonexperience+
      on my weblog http://www.hansonexperience.com I have installed DMS. It is great and very user-friendly in working with it. No coding. 
      But now I have a strange behaviour at my sidebar as the thumbs of tube press are not the size I have entered. Every now and then they change to smaller thumbs or one small two large etc.
      How can I force DMS to use the width and height I entered in tubepress?
    • ratputin
    • tslsites