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DMS site with fatal errors on plugin activation

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I'm really looking for some help from all those WP users out there as I've hit a bit of brick wall elsewhere. I built this site www.delada.net with no issues but a couple of days ago I started getting "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error"  but no other error messages. If I update an active plugin it updates then fails to reactivate. There are a bunch of inactive plugins (from the previous developer - around 25) but only 6 are active on this site and it's nothing I haven't got on other installations. 


I've built and updated  30+ wordpress sites with every version of pagelines right up to this DMS 2.0.4 version and I've never seen this before. I called the host Godaddy which the client already had in place (it wasn't my choice) and they simply said they don't support Wordpress so that wasn't such a good start. 


Anyone got any bright ideas about what to do? The WP forums haven't turned up anything or a reply. Only thing I see is that there is a plugin nonce error on activation which points to an incorrect authentication key (maybe?).





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If I was to take a guess then the Fatal error is most likely caused by a lack of memory. So you will want to check how much allocated PHP memory you have, you can do this by using DMS debug mode or the Memory usage option in DMS Pro Tools. If the host is GoDaddy then this is likely the case and I can't believe they told you they do not support WordPress ?


Another likely cause is the version of PHP you're using, again with GoDaddy, it wouldn't surprise me if they were still using PHP 4.x. So you will want to check that out too, you can do this via the DMS Debug mode.


Also, the issue could be caused by the plugin itself, what is the plugin called which is having the issue ?


If you can provide a link to the site in question with debug mode active, we can take a look.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Disable all plugins and switch to a default theme
Then activate plugins one at a time til you hit the error
I'm sure they already suggested this over at Wordpress

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Looks like the php version and the memory allocation is ok although I did have that issue with uploading images to the slider (I couldn't reproduce the 'upload failed' messages on another host). Will try to disable everything and take it from there. And likely migrate this elsewhere...

    DMS Debug Info

WordPress Version

WordPress Debug

Multisite Enabled

Current Role

Framework Path

Framework URI

Framework Version

PHP Version

Child theme

PHP Magic Quotes gpc
Yes! Deprecated as of PHP 5.3 and removed in PHP 5.4

PHP memory

Mysql version

PHP type

PHP User
Posix functions are disabled on this host!


Installed Plugins

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HI nfp1900

Please, you can do this test


Change de Nick Base theme for this Danny´s Child theme



I use Godaddy (I don´t recommend this host, my web are only for fun and test) without problem and I had some problems with the "Nick".

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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batman thanks, I have switched to Danny's skeleton for some of the sites (mainly the new 2.x ones). Will try with this one as well.

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