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DMS Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues

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Hi Guys


I know this topic has been raised a few times (and I've read though as much as possible), but in my experience DMS 2 simply isn't rendering in versions of Internet Explorer below the latest ver 11. Layouts on IE9 and below are non-existent with unformatted HTML and 10 it also look awful. 


I'm using .less for all my css and I'm wondering if that could be making matters worse - it was my assumption that DMS should compile the less into css server side?


I have tried Modernizr for WordPress plugin and DMS PRO Tools are installed.


If someone could please get back to me on this asap.




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ie9 has a 4096 css selector count limit. Your hidden mod only support url isnt even running a PL theme, so i didnt bother testing its css.

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so how can we handle a count of 4096 + in IE9? Asa for the second bit sorry I don't follow - I am running DMS 2.0 with a child theme and this is on a development server... I can perhaps PM/email the URL?

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the second bit: in your forum profile, there are two url options, one is for your own site to show in your profile, the other is a hidden one that only shows to forum moderators. The site you added there is not a PL theme.


You cant up the limit on IE9 its hardcoded. We have however reduced the amount of CSS that is compiled to about 3300 selectors, it was 4089.


2.0.7 contains the 'fix'

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