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PL issues

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Hi guys,


we started very enthusiastic with PL. We bought 6 licences and signed up to the pagelines Academy. After some time working with the system we are now quite frustrated and at a point to leave PL. Here are some issues we are struggeling with:


- configuration of the site sections is not comfortable at all (Post Loop without post categories)

- Child pages result as 404 not found - but show up and can be treated

- it is not clear, if a page is saved or not

- sometimes changes are not saved

- Page Load is frustrating

- it is difficult to arrange the sections, they are "jumping around"

- ...


And many more..... Instead of saving time and building sites easier and more flexible we now need more time and the work with the system is not stable and reliable. We have spent yet a bunch of days trying to find a way. Maybe we are lacking ressources, maybe we are dumb stupid but this situation is not acceptable. We are now at a point, that all we want, is to finish the project we're in using PageLines and then using something different (or go two steps back using predesigned WordPress Themes with all the problems you have there.) Is it possible to give back the licenses we bought?


Thank you for your understanding.


kind regards, Chris



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Hi Chris,


What product are you referring ?


1. What do you mean by this,configuration of what sections and what are you referring to with Post category ?

2. How can child pages give a 404, but also show up?

3. What do you mean ?

4. What do you mean page load is frustrating?

5. Can you record record this so we can see first hand, you can use an application called Jing.


Would it be possible to go into greater detail for each of your issues please so we can try and resolve them. Also please provide a link to the site in question and if possible, enable debug mode for which ever PageLines product you're using.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


thanks for your quick response.

1) I expected to have sections that can be configured on the frontend. Now for example: I want to publish posts of a certain category: per se a job to be done with the Content/PostLoop section - but there is no possibility to link the section to a certain category. Good to have the PostPin-section.


The flipper section is similar: no category and custom post types do not show up although there is a tooltip, that recommends the use of a custom post type plugin. (We use types and views and have a custom post type called "members" with featured image set)


I drag a section, drop it to the page, saving dialogue appears, but sometimes the section is not there.


You drag new sections and they show up with the formatting of a previous section of this kind - (and it is not the last one you saved). So you change it, save it but some parts still have the former information. It is really strange, seems to be a cache issue - but we have all caches deactivated.


Positioning of the columns is tricky. It is better to use a two column section instead of putting two one-column sections, although there should be no difference.


2) Amazing, not? We use the breadcrump-section. For this it is necessary to to arrange pages in the wordpress backend as child pages. If I do this, the page shows up, but the page description is "site not found" and the breadcrump shows: "Home >> error 404: site not found"


3) You have an auto-save function, a manual-save function and a publish-function. It is not clear, what happens. Is autosave replacing the manual saving? If you publish a page, do you have to save it before? The save-button isn't allways there - so what does it mean? Do I have to press the save changes-button until it disappears? Do you have to wait for saving is finished until you may click the publish-button? Sometimes you save, but some changes are not saved. So this leads to going wild clicking all the buttons one after another what is not a good workstyle....


4) It is tiring to wait for the system to reload.  I mean - you have to reload often and the system is not fast - and it is all the same if the system is installed locally or remote.


5) I can sent you the link and access information by Mail.


My colleague had many problems with building the front site of this project - although CSS, HTML and WordPress is his daily work.


Thank you for you help!


kind regards, Chris

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Thanks for getting back to us.


1. I have brought this to the attention of our developers and this is on our tracker as a feature enhancement. The problem is by default WordPress displays your posts on your homepage, but as soon as you use the Static Pages option, it turns your homepage (front page) into a static page i.e. no longer a dynamic one. This WP-Content/PostLoop section follows this WordPress procedure. Meaning, if you use the WP-Content/PostLoop section on a page, it will display the content you added via the page editor and if you use it on a dynamic page such as your Posts page (static page option), category page, archive page, tag page and so forth, then it will display your posts.


So in order to have this functionality of being able to display a certain category on your static front page, the WP-Content/PostLoop section is going to need to be separated into two different sections. I have already reported this and our developers are aware.


However, there are some awesome plugins that allow you to achieve this with incredible ease, such as Special Recent Posts or MiniLoops. I have used both and do prefer MiniLoop - http://wordpress.org/plugins/mini-loops/


A ) The Flipper section supports both categories and custom post types, not sure why you're saying otherwise:


Post Type selection - https://cloudup.com/c6_OQxnDmRO

Category selection - https://cloudup.com/cmjMnY4z-gI


Flipper is extremely powerful, as you can use Custom Fields to filter your content, so you can control what displays exactly.


B ) If sections are not displaying when you have dragged them onto your template, this could be related to the version of DMS you're using (out of date), your server is configured oddly or you have plugins causing issues.


C ) You will need to show you an example of what you're referring to when you say "You drag new sections and they show up with the formatting of a previous section of this kind".


D ) I have no such issue with positing the Column or Columns section to be honest, if you can provide a video of your problem, we may be able assist you, but it is very difficult to say you're having issues positioning columns without showing any video of the problem.


2. The BreadCrumb section isn't a core DMS section, if you're having issue with that section you will need to contact the developer of said section. You can do this by creating a topic in the store forum and using the prefix option to select the extension you're having difficulty with.


3. When I added sections to my template and configure them how I like and/or use the Settings panel to configure the sites overall settings and/or add custom CSS/LESS to my site. All of these settings are saved automatically. Once the saving progression icon has disappeared i.e. completed, you should click the publish button. If you have problems with things not saving, then it's likely you either have a cache issue or you're using an old version of DMS where there was a saving issue of certain options and configuration of sections.


4. DMS is lightning fast, I have no problem with DMS performance. If you're experiencing performance issues such as load time, then the most likely cause is your hosting environment which would indicate that you're either using Shared Hosting which we do not recommend or your server has been configured incorrectly or very strict.


5. Contact our helpdesk with the following information:


A link to this very topic so our support staff have a reference

A link to the site in question

Your admin username/password

Make sure all plugins are disabled

Make sure DMS debug mode is enabled ~ DMS Toolbar > Settings > Advanced.


hello at pagelines dot com

Please search our forums, before posting!

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