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Image's Broken

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I have installed this plugin along with the Meta Box and the images we're trying to upload appears broken.


I tried even using a direct link to the image and it still breaks. Is there an issue with the plugin I should know about? 

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I've just tested section.

1. Created new testimonial. Uploaded image. Everything worked.

2. Edited same testimonial. Chose new image from gallery. Everything worked.

3. Edited default testimonial (the ones that come with plugin). Uploaded new image. Image broken.

4. Cloned default testimonial. Uploaded new image. Image broken.


Default testimonials are not for use, they are just examples.


So, please, create new testimonial (don't use default ones or their clones) and everything will work.


If still having issues, please send me a link and I will investigate further.






professional dms plugins 


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Thank you for the help. Works perfectly.

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