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Disappointment in Upgrade

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Hi to those who care to read...just upgraded from the old platform pro to the new DMS, and unfortunately I haven't found the transition that exciting...iboxes that can't link, very limited image options, can't link the boxes/content; Media boxes that won't link, poor customization options, a selection of very limited sections has led me to purchase 3rd party extensions to bring the site to some kind of life...

I was expecting an improvement in features from platform pro, not a downgrade. Sure construction is kinda a little easier (once you get your head around it) but being able to build a functional site straight out of the box is almost a waste of time... Perhaps I'm just missing something here but I would love to hear what else you guys think about DMS...?

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I have used Platform Pro, PageLines Framework and DMS extensively and DMS for me personally is far superior to all previous products developed by PageLines.


In regards to some of your points can you go into greater detail please. For example:


1. iBoxes can't link - each iBox created has a optional URL field -

2. Very limited image options - Not sure what you mean by this to be honest, more info would be appreciated.

3. Can't link the boxes content - Same as #2, not sure what you mean.

4. MediaBoxes won't link - The MediaBox is designed to house HTML, basic shortcodes and all other kinds of Media. Therefore, if you want to create a link, simply enter the HTML in the HTML textarea.

5. Poor Customization options - In what sense ? All DMS sections include the styling classes field, inline styling field, image/video background options, background color picker and all sections include a unique ID for you to prefix all kinds of custom CSS or LESS CSS to them. We also include animation CSS, parallax effects. Can you go into more detail what you feel is wrong with our customization options please.

6. Very limited sections - DMS 2.0 includes more sections with a greater variety than any other previous PageLines product. Can you go into more detail please.

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Hi Danny, thanks for your reply. I went back to my ibox drop tabs and they are now working - whereas earlier today they weren't dropping and I just assumed they were empty and had to buy the upgraded boxes. Much happier now! Sorry had a bad morning... 

It has been a bit of a struggle transitioning to DMS for me but it's probably not that bad. I have no experience in coding (though have had to learn a bit) so it would be cool to see more 'check box' customisation rather than CSS and alike, as your product is marketed to those like me who are useless in this field... Feel free to delete this topic anyway as I do still believe in the product (and will keep pushing forward), just been a little frustrated lately. Thanks for your help and keep up the good service!

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No need to apologise, we take user feedback very important and appreciate any feedback you can provided.


The transition from Platform Pro or PageLines Framework to DMS, can be tricky especially if you're used to how those two worked as they were quite similar. Whereas DMS is a completely different ball game, I can assure you that you will likely need to just get familiar with DMS.


If you can provide any feedback on what you have struggled with so far in regards to customization, I will happily add this to our notes which we bring to our developers attention. 

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