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Use in Testimonials: Don't Want Name, Position, Or Picture

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I'd like to use Teammate for testimonials without an avatar and without using the Member Title, but am having trouble styling them so they look OK.

I've used CSS to hide the avatar box, and to try to clean up the margin and padding.


This is as far as I could get:



As you'll see, the Member Title (Name and Position) is taking up a lot of space at the top of each card.

Can you tell me if there is a way to remove Member Title via CSS (visibility: hide; did not work)?


Or, if you have a better way to set up Teammate to use as testimonials without photos and names, please let me know.


Also, I read in the forum that after four cards I need to put in another section. Why is the fourth card out of alignment on my layout? (See screenshot above)


I'm using DMS2 and WP 3.9




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Hi Bruce,


Just saw your post. Yes the member title and position can be hidden using css. It depends on the kind of layout you selected. Here are some examples:


.inner-circle .member-title {
.inner-circle .member-bio {
.section-teammate .card .member-title span.position {

Hope this helps,



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