DMS 2 mobile menu for dms 2

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I´m glad to read this


Please, you can try first in a web test, you copy all your CSS in a text and you follow the instructions (back up, etc etc)


If you need a good Child Theme for DMS 2 you have this

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      I have a modal login that appears when registered users want to login. When I am using DMS on a mobile client, then the mobile navbar menu appear as it is supposed to do.
      My problem is that the mobile navbar menu doesn't react properly and "hides itself" when the modal appears which means that it is covering a large part of the modal login popup.
      How can I modify the navbar to slide away when the modal login pops up?
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      Does anyone know how to make the mobile menu slide either on the bottom or the top when clicked? Instead of displaying on the left as in the default setting.
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      I would really like to see more mobile menu DMS add-ons added either free or as paid add-ons. For instance, I really like the mobile menus from the pixelgrade themes such a the bucket or fuse themes.
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      Hi, the mobile menu that appears on the right hand side does not disappear after tapping on a menu item which is an anchor link. I have to manually tap on the page to make it go away. This seems counter-intuitive. Any solution?
      Thank you,
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      #1 - On this website - - when viewed on the iPhone the top logo (since it is so wide) gets shrunk down too small so it cannot be read.
      Can I specify a "mobile only" logo to display when the website is viewed on the iPhone so there is also not so much black space up at the top of the screen?
      #2 - On the same website - - the client wants the mobile menu to not show all of the 300 or so pages in a list and instead wants drop-downs.  How can this be achieved?
      Thank you for your help!