DMS 2 RevSlider Video not playing in Safari

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Hi there,


I'm using WP 3.8, DMS2.0.4. This post is regarding page:


On Firefox and Chrome, the top RevSlider plays the video correctly. However, on safari all I see is the black background color.


I've added m4v and ogg files to the slider. They are loaded into both the slide itself and in the background video area on the right. See here:


For the "slide background image" of slide 1 (which is required), I've added a 2px transparent png, because leaving that blank resulted in the video not loading.


I am stuck on how to fix this for safari and am unclear if I've set things up correctly.  Any ideas for troubleshooting? Is anyone else having this problem??


Thank you,


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Hello massmosaic


Could you forward us download links to the videos so we can try to reproduce this issue for you please? 


If you could add them to dropbox or similar and send the links to hello @ pagelines dot com along with links to this forum topic 

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Your issue is related to how you have created your videos, your mp4 file isn't a valid mp4 valid, as it also contains the .m4v extension, which as far as I know is related to iTunes I think.


Anyway, I added your .m4v.mp4 video to HandBrake, converted to .mp4 correctly and the video displayed correctly in Safari. So you will need to do the same.


You can test my copy of your video by downloading it here -


However, you will want to do a full conversion as I did quick one so the quality is poor.

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Thank you very much Danny! Resolved :)

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No problem, happy to help!

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