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Complicated, not working, no response.. frustrated..

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I am purchased client (PRO) and can NOT have any help since then.
I can NOT:
  • have live chat- it is not activated. I have no idea how as no such option shows
  • write on forum (boy)
  • cannot set up on localhost for some reasons.
I am stuck!!! If I can't solve this problem real quick, I will ask for refund. 
I followed videos, docs. What's wrong? 
Very complicated. 
Thanks for quick reply. Cuz no one came back to me so far. (what 24/7 service??)
also, where is phone number?!?
feel frustrated. 

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I am not entirely sure what product you're referring to when you say Client Pro.


However, Live Chat is no longer available, as users were taking advantage of the service, using it as a support service which is was never intended.

New users on the forums have their posts moderated before they are viewable, to help prevent spam. I have now approved your forum account.


Please be aware that we only allow one question per topic, so if you have multiple questions please create a new topic for each.


Regarding your question about not being able to setup locally, that isn't an issue we can provide support for. If you're having an issue setting up WordPress locally, you will need to ask for support for the application you're trying to use to setup your local host.


Also, our support staff reply as fast as they possibly can. However, our support is much less active during the weekends when you posted. We also do not provide phone support.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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