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Migrated site, nothing carried over

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Hi Danny, thanks for looking into the issue for me. Did you run any tests on my install, still not convinced its 100% after they moved the website. Working in the backend and using the frontend editor is poor compared to when i was using the development website.


Unfortunately the internet in Thailand is pretty poor generally. There are some good providers out here but they cant fit the lines or supply everyone because of one reason or another. At the moment im having to work with 13mb/1mb internet speeds. Thailand download speeds are ok here but upload speeds are very poor, which isnt great for website design.


I asked my host to turn off the cloudflare on the website yesterday to try and improve our loading speeds. His cloudflare was actually stoping the website from loading images in iboxes etc. The cloud flare wasnt turned on in the development stages and the website performed much better then compared to now.


After cloudflare was paused, the website seemed to perform better straight away. I wasnt waiting for the frontend editor to load, i wasnt having to re-load pages nor was i experiencing many of the other performance related issues. Have you heard of any other DMS website being negatively effected by having cloudflare turned on? Are there optimum settings?


I really need the website performing fast here in Thailand. I have been considering hosting the website in Singapore, what do you think, do you have any recommendations for managed hosting on dedicated servers in Singapore?


Also, my host says the website is on a dedicated server, with another website of ours www.joelizzerd.com. You say there are about 10 websites on the box though, does that still class as dedicated server hosting for us? I was thinking it was just our 2 websites on the box, no other customers?


Another thing, i can start another thread if you want but kinda related. When we switched the websites over i was concerned about the google analytics being messed up in the transition. My host said he would make the cloudflare track all the pages within the website. I was a little concerned with this approach as we would like to move the hosting away from him and get it closer to Thailand, Singapore preferably. If we move the website to another host we will loose the analytics. So, i decided i would add the google tracking code to each of the pages, in the body of the page, for every page. 


After i had the code added to every page i asked the host to turn off the cloudlfare to help improve loading speeds etc which seemed to have worked. The issue i have though is the google analytics code isnt coming through from the pages, doesnt show in source code and i dont know why?


At the moment. Having cloud turned on makes the website perform slower and worse for me. Turn cloud off website speed and performance improves but i loose analytics. Any ideas?


Thanks again Danny, if you want to move this to another thread or want me to start one i can. Cheers mate.




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For me personally, the site is loading fast, I can honestly say there is no issue for me and I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to site performance. In regards to your host informing you have you have another domain and you're paying for a dedicated server, that server IP has now 13 sites running on it. If these other sites are not yours then you're do not have a dedicated server. If you did then only your sites would be using that IP address, as far as I am aware. Therefore, in my opinion, that does look indeed a bit dodgy.




In regards to good hosts in Singapore, I have no idea unfortunately. However, you really should check out either Linode or Digital Ocean. Both are awesome and you shouldn't have any performance issues.


Regarding your Google Analytics code, if it isn't being applied where are you adding the code and try disabling all active plugins and see if this resolves the issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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