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DMS 2 Template state not updating.

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I have an issue with the current template status not updating.  The part not working is in the Top bar that shows the login information.  I have highlighted the section in yellow in my image.


If you look in the edit portion of the screen it's showing the right template being loaded, in my case "Default",  For the page named "FAQ."  You can also see that the Active template is "Default" in the Pagelines editor (bottom frame/bar).


The top section is not updating the template that's loaded.


It always says Template: Custom(no template) even though you can see from the orange box in the edit area that it is the "default" template and it shows the right template loaded in the bottom.


It seems to be working, just not updating which one is loaded.  I can continue to work on my site because I understand what's going on.  Someone that does not underatand the templates yet might have problems.



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Was working fine, then I changed my theme from Nick's Base Theme Template to Headlines then changed back.  That's when I noticed it wasn't updating the active template.

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What version of DMS are you using ? Also, does this happen for you when using DMS as the active theme and not child theme ?

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I have version 2.0.4


The Pageinfo (bottom left in bottom frame) is showing correct template.  It does the same thing in DMS as main theme or Nicks base theme.


I'm having another issue that i didn't think was related but it makes sense that it might be the cause of the DMS issue. 


My URLs in my content are getting additional characters.  The menu items are ok but all URLs in my text of page or in a widget are getting "%E2%80%8E" added to the URLs.


HERE IS MY POST on forum for that:


Test Site:

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I have fixed the link problem, but the templates are still not showing the right tempate that is loaded.

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