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Pagelines framework installation

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I was told by the customer support that I can no longer purchase the Pagelines Framework Pro, but that i can download it for free at github since it has become a legacy theme and open source. I tried downloading it from github and installing it, but I could not get it to work. I tried uploading it under themes, but i said that it needed to be installed in a folder named pagelines. I tried to rename the folder on the server, that did not work, and i tried naming the folder pagelines before I uploaded it. That did not work either. Can somebody guide me through, what I should do/where I went wrong? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you.





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Yeah, this because of the way GitHub name their zips which include the branch name. Basically, you need to install PageLines Framework using the manual method, to do this follow the instructions below.


First thing first, go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and remove the PageLines you have installed.


1. Download the PageLines Framework zip

2. Extract it so that it creates a folder on your computer.

3. Rename the folder to pagelines (all lowercase)

4. Now load up your FTP client and connect to your server.

5. Upload the pagelines folder to the following directory - wp-content/themes/


So you end up with something like this:




Now go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and enable pagelines as the default theme. You should no longer encounter any issue problems.

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