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DMS 2 Display Issue with iPad Version of my site.

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Website URL:

Framework Version: DMS2

WordPress Version: 3.9

Plugins in Use:



Ultimate Coming Soon Page


Wordpress Importer

Wordpress SEO by Yoast

Pagelines Updater

Mailchimp for Wordpress

Limit Login Attempts

DMS Professional Tools

GA Google Analytics


Add this Follow me


Server/Host: GoDaddy



I have been experiencing a display issue with my site everytime I access it on my iPad.


If you visit my site here at:


and then load it up on an iPad you should see a difference.


PLEASE NOTE: I have disabled the Coming Soon plugin for you to hopefully make a diagnosis to this problem.


Thank you for your time and kind regards, Dan. 

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I don't have my iPad on me, so can you provide screenshots of what the issue is please.

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Yeah sure this is the iPad version:

This is pretty much how it looks on all pages with a few different sections below. If you compare this homepage to my desktop you can see it's quite different.

As an extra piece of information: I have made sure that the header section is in the template or body of the page and not in the global area called Header.

Thank you for your time. Dan.

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Still not sure what the issue is, they look exactly the same ?

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Its OK Danny I have solved it myself.


I didn't realise you actually have to press the publish button once you have a template and layout your happy with.


Thank you for your assistance.

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hehe, no problem. Thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved.

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