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2 blog sections on home (blog) page?

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how might it be possible to setup the pagelines blog page (set as home page on my site) so that 2 sections can show two different blog categories of posts?  ... I'd like the large top posts to have a title above to be from a separate posts category than the smaller posts (shown below the larger ones) which have a unique posts category from the ones higher up. Is this doable? See http://SnazzyProductions.com

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This isn't possible with the WP-Content/PostLoop section, as Wordpress doesn't allow you to have two Content areas, as there is only one in the Wordpress Page/Post editor area.


The only way to achieve this kind of layout would be to either create your own loop section or use a plugin such as Special Recent Posts or MiniLoops, both of which are freely available via the WordPress plugin repo.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • andreia24
      By andreia24
      I would like on blog pages to have only featured images with post title under or over it. I do not want the excerpt or any other content text there. how can I edit that?
    • franzxk
      By franzxk
      I've searched through the PageLines forums before, but only found hints on how to achieve the opposite (hiding h1 titles on pages).
      Every page of my blog (www.muenchen-webdesign.de) has an H1-title, and I'm totally fine with this. However, the homepage (which is setup on purpose to be the blog posts overview page, and I don't want to change this) does not show a page title (such as simply "Blog", or - as I'd like to get it - "Blog & News", which is the corresponding menu name).
      Most of you will know why this is important to me - any SEO-Tool expects to find at least and at most one H1-tag on every page of a website, and Google & Co. honor it if you have that H1 on every single page.
      I've searched comprehensively through various articles on the web on how to achieve this, but finally gave up, mostly because this seams to be something that needs to be implemented in the themes' sources - and
      a) I don't want to change any themes' sources (which would get overwritten mostly by theme updates anyway)
       I'm a PHP absolute beginner
      So I really hope there is either a way to accomplish this through the "regular" theme options, or the PageLines developers have a heart for people like me and "quickly" add this to the themes' options in one of the upcoming updates.
      If that's not possible (for whatever reason), I'd still be happy to get directions on how to add this in a correct and safe way manually through the PHP-sources.
      I'm currently using version PageLines 1.3.5 but will update to version 1.4.0 soon.
      Thanks for any help in advance and best regards,
      Franz Kohl
    • mbreese1
      By mbreese1
      Good morning awesome Pagelines peeps,
      My site is tanathetattooedlady.com.
      The big issue is on page /news
      Safari is rendering the blog page in a super duper ugly fashion. It was doing funky interpretations of nearly everything else too, but I *think* I fixed all of that with browser-specific styling. The problem with the blog page is I don't know what to do. It seems like I need extra padding between the small excerpts (after the 1st two large ones) but I have no idea what the selectors are, and everything I've found via firebug does nothing. Am I going about this the wrong way? 
      One other odd thing I've noticed that no ther browser seems to do is when I refresh the page after changing something in the custom css section the page loses all custom css until I clear cache on the admin page and then refresh safari again. I'm worried about this because visitors might just see the ugly page What could cause this issue?
      *Please* help me
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      I am having this strange problem with the Navbar. I am using the Event Calendar plugin (By modern tribe) and Simple CSS Lite plugin. I did disabled all the other plugin's and switched to the Twenty Eleven theme to confirm that the event calendar was not causing this problem.

      When the "upcoming events" or "Calendar" is selected it will also highlight the "blog" in the navbar, this does not happen when the other pages are selected. At first i was just using pages as the menu, thought i might have to create a menu to solve the problem, confirmed that did not work. I am guessing that this is cause there is some kind of walker filter on pagelines themes, but this is just a guess. If i select "Blog" it will not highlight the "Calendar" or "Upcoming events" .

      The link of the site is http://tsttokyo.com.

      Thank you
    • purnimagore
      By purnimagore

      I have set up a number of posts as a test and have set the posts page as "Articles".
      When viewing this, there is a quick slider block with some default images which do not link anywhere.

      I want to change these to the a category of posts (news, recent posts), but cannot work out how to do this. I am able to remove the quick slider but not choose any categories. Is this correct? I didn't want to use features instead as i would have to write posts as a feature instead of normal post.

      I would appreciate any help.

      Thanks, Purnima