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Ryan Logan

Parallax Basics

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Ryan Logan



There is little to no information in the forums and even less information in the DMS docs, regarding this topic/feature.  If I'm just missing the information, I apologize in advance.


As I told Andrew Powers, in a recent survey he (PageLines) sent me, we're not looking for PL to design/develop our sites for us...but more documentation would be nice.  According to AP...more documentation is coming.  Yay!  Moving on from my short rant.


On the DMS 2.0 demo site, there is a section labeled "Video and Image Parallax Backgrounds".  That's great, but how we do that same thing...ourselves?


Here is the page I'm currently working on and the steps I've taken so far.


  1. Added a Canvas Area
  2. Edited the Canvas Area, choosing "Parallaxed Scrolling Effects" for Area Styling > Scrolling effects and  sizing
  3. Edited the Canvas Area, added a custom background image via Background Options > Background Image   **The background image is 1920 × 1200.  **From what I did find in the forums, it says to make sure the background image is way bigger than the section.
  4. Added a Masthead to the Canvas Area, for testing purposes

Again, I apologize in advance.  Just really lost here.


Thank you.





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Hi rlogan

Ryan, please you can edit the Canvas Area and set the "Area Minimum Height (px)" in 1000px (for example) and you see whats happens.

You can see a example in this 


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Ryan Logan

Thank you batman.  That def helped!

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Thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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