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Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew a way to set how many px the parallax image will scroll by.


For example, lets say my section is 400px high and my image is 600px high, currently when scrolling you will see the 100px above and below, but I want to limit the parallax effect, so it is more subtle, and you only see say 20px above and below.


I hope that makes sense, thanks in advance



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Hi Chris,


What version of DMS are you using, as this shouldn't be happening. Can you provide a link to your site so we can see the problem first hand please.

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Thanks Danny, it's not a problem, it's working how it should be, I just want to try to customise the effect slightly to make the parallax effect more subtle.


This is the work in progress:


However, the section at the bottom with the map background is set to parallax, but is not working - any ideas on that one?





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