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Need change from Next/Previous Topic Title to just Next and Previous

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my section.postnav doesn't have the same codes. Here what I got : <?php /* Section: PostNav Author: Andrew Powers Description: Paginates posts, shows a numerical post navigation Version: 1.0.0 */ class PageLinesPostNav extends PageLinesSection { function __construct( $registered_settings = array() ) { $name = __('Post Navigation', 'pagelines'); $id = 'postnav'; $settings = array( 'type' => 'main', 'description' => 'Post Navigation - Shows titles for next and previous post.', 'workswith' => array('main-single', 'main-default'), 'folder' => 'wp', 'init_file' => 'postnav', 'icon' => CORE_IMAGES . '/admin/map.png' ); parent:GDN__construct($name, $id, $settings); } function section_template() { ?> <?php } } /* End of section class */ Where would I add the code so I just see the same category listing and not the others? Thanks

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