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i have been doing a bit of research about this.. so far, this is the best i can figure out. it is true that many or most of the social plug ins don't take into account custom post types. So even when they do provide a UI solution on the actual post or page - ie. an option to include or not include the social links, the option box doesn't appear on any of the Platform Pro custom posts. But, when I added the custom post types manager plug in (I tried several others as well), all of them indicated that I didn't have any existing custom post types, which of course is incorrect and weird.. right? good to know the work around is easy enough with CSS but I wonder if the 2 things could be related? I did not test this yet by making a new custom post type to see if the option box would show up. so I don't know if Sociable, as an example has a problem with all custom post types or just platform pro custom post types.. Any ideas? thanks. Wendy

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