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 I have bought a few themes, and they have additional sections, 
are those sections PL theme specific, or will they work, if I change theme?

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Hello @kpeter 


If you were to switch from one PageLines DMS child theme DMS  child theme you can use sections from that DMS child theme by just copying the sections from /themes/DMS/sections to the new sections folder. 


Is this what you meant?

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Hi Martin,


Thank you.


Yes. I wanted to check they are not child theme specific.


So, just copy them via ftp, right?


Btw, are you working for Pagelines?


Peter Fallenius

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If you're referring to one of the free child themes provided by us, which include custom sections. Then all you need to do is, simply copy the folder of the section you wish to use and then add it to your child theme sections folder.

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I was thinking of the ones from, for example Flatten, but I think you answered.


They may, or may not work, and they may, or may not be upgraded...


Thank you. :)

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Well I can only speak for PageLines developed child themes, you will need to speak to the developer of Flatten and ask them if you can do this.

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