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    • raldendesouza
      By raldendesouza
      I want to maintain the "Built With" Icons. But the PageLines icon have a link that open in same window. How can I configure this link to open in new window?
    • bwdsl247
      By bwdsl247
      How do I set iBox link to open link page in new window? 
      Doesn't allow me to put target = "_blank" in the iBox link field, only the http link....
    • rachna
      By rachna
      I am unable to open my images in a new window, I am very new to pagelines. Probably something basic has been missed out.
      All images go back to a page.
      Please help.
    • microsqueek
      By microsqueek
      Hi Aleksander, quick question - is there a way to tell Squared to open a link in the same page instead of in a new one? Right now it's going to a _blank, but I don't really know how to tell it to stay _self.
      I'm sure you know what I mean, but if you want an example, it's what happens when you click the top left box in the Squared section here: http://dev.transitionbydesign.org/home
      Any thoughts?
      Many thanks.