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Dear PageLine forums,

I just purchased the Modal section for my site.  I'm trying to embed a video into a modal pop-up that appears without a button. How do I do this?  I've been looking for hours and can't find the right way to do this.  I guess a better question would be where do I even begin to edit the code on the site (since I don't know how to use hooks/don't know what hooks are).Here are my questions summed up I guess:

1. How to embed video into a pop-up modal (that doesn't require a button
2. How to stop the video from playing when modal is closed (I know this has to do with clearing the src in jQuery)
3. How do I use hooks/What are hooks....or how do I edit the actual code of the site (beyond the DMS editor's "Custom CSS" tab)

Thanks for your help!

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Hi there - i have moved this to the product support forum so the Dev can advise on this for you. I will Let Chris know i moved this here for you. 


With Regards hooks - please see the support documentation relating to hooks

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Hello, there you embed videos the same way you would with anything else. Just copy and paste the embed code in the PopUp body, or into a page if you have a page selected as the source. There isn't any special code built in that stops a video from playing if the modal closes. This is the same with all Bootstrap modals across the board. 

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