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A Question about Templates in DMS2

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I have been struggling with Templates in DMS2.


I have a Template that includes a content area, media box, a text box, and a sidebar. There are some sections in the Template where I want a Sections content to be locked across all the pages that use that Template, whereas there are other Sections where I want the section/position/size to be locked but let its content change from page to page.


For example, take a look at this page here: http://www.maryqueenofscots.net/people/james-douglas-4th-earl-morton/


This page uses a template called 'People Bios' that I plan to use across several pages.


The circular image on the left is done with a Mediabox and the contents will change from page to page.


The ad banner in the top right also uses a media box but for this the position/size and its contents will remain locked to the template.


The problem at the moment is that when I make changes to the template, all the pages that use it are having the circular image and the text box below it containing the persons metadata overwritten by the content from the Template. This is obviously really annoying since it means I have to go back and re-input everything again by hand for each page.


Is there anyway to control this?



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I think the answer to what you are asking (though not entirely sure what you are asking), but those that you want to be global to that template need to be in a custom saved section (ie that contain the textbox etc that you want to be global for the template). However, I am not sure that is possible as the text/image you want to change is part of you canvas. Drop that ad banner into you sidebar (make it a specific side bar for that page template People Bios). Then that will be global for that template.


If the book ad at the bottom is global either for that template or anywhere else then that can be saved as a custom section


After that, every time you open that template and want to change the text, then unlock, make content changes and then but dont 'assign' a template... will save alright! Alternatively, to be safe, you can assign a new template to that specific page

Chrome Developer tools - please use them. If you are not sure how, then it is easy to learn

Be inventive in your keyword search of the forum ie Navi > Navbar > menu > tabs > font > color. Your answer lies there somewhere!

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