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Add sharebar to listed post

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Hi guys,


I see that listed post (i.e. blog page) has karma icon under the author avatar.

Just wanna ask if there is a way to add also other social icons?

Perhaps not under the avatar but under the post text/excerpt.


I've tryed to edit section.php adding a line such as "add_shortcode..." calling for "get_shares" function but this got me a syntax error.

I'd really love your built-in sharebar look and I prefer tu use this instead of official icons called by shortcodes.


Hope you can help


Best regards


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Hi Carlo,


I recommend whatever changes you have made to the section.php file, we do not recommend nor support changes to the core files, this can actually void all support.


In regards to adding social icons beneath your posts excerpts, you will need to use a hook and then add the icons, your self. You can find more information about hooks here.




I will also make a not of your idea and add it to our feature requests.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


thanks for your suggestion but using hooks is not was I was looking for since I think shortcodes will be more useful composing a custom layout.

Hope this feature request will soon be satisfied ;)


Thanks again


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